Are any of these debts worrying you?

  • Department Store Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Gasoline Cards
  • Lines of Unsecured Credit
  • Apartment Lease Re-letting fees
  • Signature Loans
  • Medical Bills
  • Utility Bills
  • Repossessions
  • Collections Accounts

Imagine Living Debt Free

Imagine how life would be if you had no credit card payments, no signature loan payments, and/or no medical bills.  Do your current bills turn your month into a revolving nightmare as you try to pay them, especially at a time when our nation is in the worst financial environment since The Great Depression.  What if you could end those budget struggles and the endless creditor phone calls when you can’t pay your bills?

We Know Things Do Happen!

Millions of people are losing their jobs, health insurance, and even losing their homes.  Unemployment is soaring to new heights, not seen in decades. Each day, we are constantly reminded by the 24 hour news media that we are living in very strange times.  Perhaps your business is on the verge of closing?  Maybe you have lost a spouse through death or divorce or suffered a job loss?  Have you had a sudden illness or injury and now have a large medical bill due to inadequate or no health insurance?  These events can spiral your emotional and financial life downward no matter how hard you work.  You deserve to be given the opportunity to recover from your situation with dignity.

What if F.S.I. Offered You a Better Way Out?

Our business specializes in putting your financial life back in order.  Debt settlement can get you back on track much quicker than bankruptcy.  With debt settlement, the damage to your credit report is not nearly as devastating as a bankruptcy.  Because of our proven system, complimented by our valuable business relationships, in most instances you will find you can actually settle your unsecured debts in less time without the stigma that bankruptcy will bring to your life for years to come.

What is Financial Security’s Debt Settlement Program?

Financial Security (also known as “F.S.I.”) has come up with a proven method to help our clients get out of debt the quickest and least expensive way.  What makes us unique is we work for you first! What does that mean to you?  First, you will speak with one of our consultants who will examine your financial situation and hardship to see if you qualify for our program.  During the application process, F.S.I. will combine all your bills together and design an aggressive, yet affordable monthly payment that fits your budget and financial objectives.  This payment will be held in a FDIC insured account with Global Client Solutions and will be managed and controlled by you during the entire process. The money you build up in your account will be used to make settlements with your creditors. Once we have reached a settlement that you and the creditor agree with, we will instruct Global Client Solutions to pay the creditor on your behalf from the funds you have accumulated in your account.   At that time, F.S.I. is considered to have rendered services on that account and will collect our fee for that account only through Global Client Solutions.

Debt Settlement, sometimes referred to as Debt Negotiation, is a legal and valid method of solving one’s debt crisis.  F.S.I. understands that debt does not happen overnight, so understand that you don’t get out of debt overnight.  If you understand that getting out of debt is a process, have patience with the program and follow the program as outlined for you, rest assured, you will see and feel the benefits of being debt free!  Our philosophy is simple; get our clients out of debt as quickly as possible while making the entire process as smooth and stress free as possible.   Becoming debt free is the first step on the road to financial security!  Our program allows you to take control your finances.  Upon the completion of our program you will not only be debt free but ready to rebuild your financial future!

How Much Can Financial Security Inc. Help You Save?

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