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Financial Security Inc. specializes in helping people who are in financial crisis.  If you are having a hard time keeping up on your payments, or are already behind on your payments, we are here to help.  Financial Security Inc. has a team of expert negotiators with proven systems to help slash your debts and help improve your credit.  We take pride in empowering the consumers by providing financial education and information on the different options that are available.  For your hassle free, no obligation consultation over the phone, please contact us to tell us how we can help you!

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Financial Security Inc. – Debt Settlement Program
F.S.I. has established a highly effective debt settlement (negotiation) process, which allows our clients to rid themselves of overbearing private and commercial unsecured debt. We can even settle some types of secured debt. This process has helped thousands of American families to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. Our trained negotiators have an exclusive relationship and an excellent track record of settling debt with creditors, banks, and collection agencies. Debt settlement is a legitimate and legal way of solving your debt problem without the need for bankruptcy. We are so confident in our debt settlement process, that if we do not settle your debt at 65% or less, we offer a guarantee. By clicking on this link you may learn more about F.S.I.’s debt settlement process.

F.S.I. has the most effective Credit Restoration program available to you today. F.S.I. uses the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which was established by the federal government to protect an individual’s rights about the information reported on their credit reports. With extensive knowledge of the FCRA, we challenge the credit reporting agencies to remove erroneous, inaccurate, and outdated information from your credit reports. By removing these types of items, your credit scores will improve.  Credit Restoration is offered on all debts enrolled in our Debt Settlement Program.   By clicking on this link you will find the entire text of the FCRA.

Getting repeated phone calls from bill collectors? Afraid to pick up the phone because you are worried it will be another collection agency calling? F.S.I. will take over all communications with collectors providing you with peace of mind. There are laws to protect you as the consumer from this type of harassment. F.S.I. utilizes these laws to stop unwanted phone calls. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a collection of laws enacted by Congress to help protect consumers from illegal practices of Debt Collectors and Collection Agencies. By clicking on this you will find the entire text of the FDCPA.

When You Enroll…

One of our experienced debt counselors will review your debts in detail so we know the best way to help you and show you which debts you can enroll into our plan.  We analyze your financial situation and find what payment you can handle each month.  When you are working with us, you are hiring one of the best professionals who can represent and work with your best interest in mind.

Once you miss your monthly payments, the harassment calls will start. Depending upon the creditor, calls may escalate to dozens of calls a day at all hours and many do not respect your legal rights.  We are committed to your success; when you join F.S.I. we make the transition as easy as possible.  This is a giant step in your recovery. You may be in a difficult financial situation right now, but have faith as there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you deal with F.S.I. We are committed to help people when they are ready to help themselves.

OUR GUARANTEE: F.S.I. guarantees each individual account included in this program will be settled for 65% or less of the debt’s current value or client will not be charged for that specific account, subject to certain terms and conditions.  Please call now for more information!

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